Virtual birthday cards the whole team can sign

No office? No problem!

Bring the team together to celebrate work birthdays, no matter where they are in the world.

$5.95, unlimited signers
Drag me!

Birthday celebrations for teams large and small

Perfect for work from homers, remote teams, fandoms, clubs, families, and friends.

  • Your whole team can write personal messages or add funny GIFs
  • They don't need an account, and neither do you
  • Celebrate birthdays as a team, wherever (and whenever) you are
It only takes 2 minutes

How do group cards work?

step 1
An example of a private card link

1. Pick a card, get a link

Choose a card design, tell us who it's for and pick the exact time you want us to send it to them.

Share your private card link with people so they can sign the card.

step 2

2. Your team writes messages

Anyone with the link can write personal messages, funny stories or add animated GIFs and Stickers

Messages can be posted right up until the signing deadline.

step 3
Graphic depicting a group card being sent (emailed) to a user on a laptop

3. Card is delivered

After the deadline we'll email your delighted recipient a link to their signed card!

They can even respond to everyone who signed.

Why TeamGreet?

Set it and forget it

We send the receiver a link to the final card at a date and time you choose

We take care of timezones

Got a teammate in another part of the world? We'll make sure delivery at “9 AM” means their 9 AM

Colorful messages

Add personality to messages with colors, fonts, GIFs and Stickers

No wasted paper

Save the inevitable waste that comes from physical cards

No account needed!

You don't need to register an account to make a card, and your team don't need an account to sign one

Fantastic card designs

Cute, funny, sincere, traditional? Our designs have these and more!

No more chasing people to sign

"Has anyone seen Peter's card?" — Never again!